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1. Ask about ADR

Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR) is the measure of your doctor’s effectiveness at detecting precancerous polyps during a colonoscopy. All 35 physicians at SCMEC track their results, and they are excellent. Though the American College of  Gastroenterology recommends all doctors measure their success, many doctors do not comply. We strongly recommend that you only seek a colonoscopy from a doctor that discloses an ADR above 20. It has been proven that an ADR above 20 will give you 10 times the protection against developing colon cancer.  Be sure to get the doctor’s ADR before you get an appointment.

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2. Quality

The highest ADR in the region.  Recent analysis of DHEC data by USC demonstrated Dr. Lloyd's team/technique found more than twice the number of polyps than the average.  This can mean as much as ten times the protection against cancer.

3. Unique Model

SCMEC is the only facility that specializes in colon cancer prevention.  We are the only 4 person team that works with anesthesia, trained nurses, and techs.  At most centers there only two people in the room, with the Lloyd technique there are at least four sets of eyes watching carefully to ensure that you get a thorough and complete exam.

4. Economics

Colonoscopy is the most lifesaving test in all of medical science.  But it isn't cheap.   We will fight to get the maximal benefits available from your policy.   We have less than half the average out of pocket costs than the other outpatient centers and less than one-fourth of the average cost at the hospitals.  We don't recommend you select us for the economic benefit, but it sure is nice to know that the most thorough exam in the area does not translate into higher out of pocket costs.  The highest ADR doesn't cost more.

5. Safety

Significantly lower complication rate.  Every medical procedure has some dangers.  Nationally the rate of major complications is one per thousand but with Dr. Lloyd's technique, the rate is less than one-fourth the average. When balancing the risks versus the benefits, the one in 4,000 chance of a complication pales comparison to in the two out of three that we find a polyp.  In one out of 15 cases we find a dangerous nearly cancerous polyp.  Excellent ADRs translate into superb protection from colon cancer.


6. Time

We take more time.  For a test that costs over $1,000 you should get more that a six minute exam. Our tests average four times as long.  This translates into more complete exams (99% versus 85%), and twice the life-saving polyp detection.

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7. Innovation

We brought video colonoscopy to the Midlands in 1985.  We introduced anesthetists and the associated safety and comfort in 2005.  The other GI centers are only now beginning to catch up.  With anesthetists, the test is 100% painless and the recovery is measured in minutes, not hours.  You can resume full activities within hours rather than the next day.  If you wish, we will be honored to provide you with a DVD of your exam.  We are so proud of our quality that we measure and document everything.

8. Outreach

Dr. Lloyd has received numerous national and local grants to break down barriers, and use faith based outreach.  Dr. Lloyd has been awarded national grants to embrace the faith community as a partner to reduce suffering and deaths from colorectal cancer.  He speaks frequently to educate the public about the critical importance of knowing the ADR of the doctor you have been referred to.

10 reasons to choose SCMEC

9. Nurturing

Patients come first at SCMEC.  We strive to make you more comfortable from the time you make your appointment all the way to the personal letter you get explaining the results of any biopsies.  We strive to leave no behind behind.

10. Service

We are committed to wipe out the unnecessary suffering and deaths from colon cancer.  To demonstrate our commitment we provide service to the Columbia free clinic, four area federal safety net clinics and hardship referrals from the American Cancer Society.  We strive to educate the public of the wide variability in quality and the importance of measuring the industry standard score: the ADR.

10 reasons to choose SCMEC

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